World Naked Bike Ride Eugene 2019






WNBR Eugene will join thousands of cyclists

around the world celebrating

the human body and the bicycle,


Which together

form the most efficient

transportation ever created.



We will ride our bikes Naked

(or As Bare As You Dare)


To remind our fellow travelers that bicyclists are vulnerable when facing 2-ton metal monsters and all of us are vulnerable because of our addiction to fossil fuels.


This Ride supports Body Positivity and is a protest against Body Shaming & Discrimination.

Unity of the Community


While Practicing the art of Self Acceptance,

And the Acceptance of Others. 

Where ?

Ride start location and Route will be somewhere in Downtown Eugene area.


Details will be disclosed to those that sign up for updates, about 48hrs before the ride.


In order to prevent Gawkers,

 Looky Lou’s & Camera Creepers


While we kick off the body positivity protest during our Pre-Ride Face and Body Paint festivities.


We want to create a safe & fun space for our participants while we get ready for our ride.


Public Safety & Public Relations

This will be a peaceful and fun Protest Event,

No Hate, No Anger

No Shame, No Censorship


We are working closely with City Agencies and Law Enforcement, to Ensure the Safety of our Riders, and the Public.  

This will be a Family Friendly Event, 

No Lewd Behavior or Harassment will be Tolerated.


Keep & Leave our Pre-Ride space clean,

Minimize our impact on other vehicles freely using the pathes and road ways.



Creative Expression

Face / Body Painting

Masquerade masks


Creative Human Powered Machines


Ride Sober, No Alcohol or Drugs,

They don’t mix well with Naked, Bikes and Roads.

Plus you can still get a DUI

Save those for any After Parties

Pre- Ride Festivities

Be ready for a World Naked Bike Ride Eugene Picnic/ Party in the park before the ride.


Face & Body Painting, Decorations


We’re All Part of the Show!

Think Spinners, Hula hoopers, Slacklining, Acroyoga, Musicians, Frisbee and other

creatives, talents & activities that

participants bring to the party.


All of course in various states of undress.


No Glass Containers allowed in Public Parks


But ?

Anyone that starts to say or think, I would love to do that but...

Let's read the part about Face paint, Decorations and Masquerade masks again.


The only but that matters is your butt, riding with ours in glorious protest, having the most fun you've had all year.


There is no reason to let fear keep you from living your best life.


Stop Fear : Start Living!


Bring a Refillable Water bottle

Bring a Epic Ride Playlist

And a Bluetooth Speaker box if you have one.

Something to cover up with that packs small, in case of emergencies.


Make sure your Bike is in good working order, take it for a test ride.  

Have everything you need to fix a flat.


Think of a protest slogan to write on your body, something you're passionate about. 

If stopped by law enforcement this will be what protects you under the 1st Amendment.


Birthday Suit Nervous?

From out of Town?

Want to ease your way into being in your birthday suit in public?


The Willamettans is the local Family Friendly Naturist Resort

They also have overnight rentals, RV parking, camping spots, and great facilities. Best place to go to be around people who accept the true you.

Click their Logo Below!









Click on any of our Supporters to visit their Website

Ongoing Naked in Public Spaces Body Discrimination

Protest Campaign

Plus Various Clothes Free Family Friendly Events

Missed the Event ?

Don’t get

left out again

2020 SIGN UP

2020 Volunteer SIGN UP

We need a minimum number of Reliable and continuously involved Volunteers to have an Event for 2020 & those volunteers need to be involved by the new year,  otherwise the there will be no Event for 2020, so Sign up & get involved now,   Don’t Delay!

Actively Involved Volunteers - Currently Needed